Under the Surface!

Under the Surface

Lost worlds of prehistoric wonder…
Ancient civilizations sunk beneath the waves…
Mythical islands… and tombs of untold horror.
All of this and more awaits the intrepid pulp adventurer!

From the sunken continents of Atlantis and Lemuria to the vast subterranean worlds of Agartha and the Hollow Earth, from the primeval Maple White plateau in South America to the mysterious Noble’s Isle in the Pacific, this sourcebook contains a wealth of information for the globetrotting A.E.G.I.S. field agent, treasure hunter, or explorer. 192 pages of location details, maps, creatures, and NPCs to keep your retro pulp adventure campaigns fresh until the end of time!

• 42 locales – many with built-in story hooks!
• 64 new npcs – from staunch allies to scheming villains!
• 44 new vehicles – from cars to planes to submersibles – and some legendary encounters!
• 8 otherworld artifacts, 25 new weapons, and 78 creatures – from dinosaurs to mermaids, and everything in between!
• GM section with rules for underwater combat & survival, new rules for fear & mental stress, and 6 mission briefs!
• Full-color, with original maps and artwork!

PDF format includes a regular version and “printer-friendly” background-free version. Also includes a separate collection of ready-to-print maps. Order the softcover or hardcover print editions and get the PDF for free.

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