Santa’s Soldiers

Santa’s Soldiers Second Edition

Saving Christmas… By Any Means Necessary. Join the OSN and save Christmas from the depredations of Santa’s deadliest enemies! In this hilarious roleplaying game, you take on the part of an elf operative in the Order of St. Nicholas, Santa’s paramilitary defense force! Take on bizarre villains like the Winter Wizard, the Boogieman, the Easter Bunny and her Peeple’s Army, the Saturnaliens and Anti-Claus!

This game by Bill Kte’pi, Todd Downing & Gavin Downing has become a year-round comedy roleplaying favorite, combining the holiday spirit of Rankin-Bass Christmas specials with James Bond, Rambo and the 1980s G.I. Joe cartoon.  Jump in your Wind-Up Assault (WupAss) power armor, fire up your Yule cannon and show no mercy!

This Complete, 60 page Game Contains:

  • 9 brigades
  • 6 divisions (2 NEW ones!)
  • Simple Combat & Magic System (Now XPG!)
  • Stats & Descriptions for the original 8 Villains & Their Armies, PLUS 10 MORE!
  • The Original Introductory Adventure, PLUS NEW Adventure Seeds!
  • Character Sheet
  • NEW! Vehicle Record Sheet!
  • NEW! NPC Record Sheet!

This is a not-to-be-missed upgrade to the original game that will have your players in stitches!

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Santa’s Soldiers 2nd Edition Character Sheet (free PDF)

Santa’s Soldiers is a clever, unique, and extremely funny RPG.” –

Krampus. The Christmas Demon. The Bringer of Yuletide Punishment. “Vern”. This oft-misunderstood character predates even Santa, and his tale of woe is a stark reminder that no good deed goes unpunished.

This FREE SUPPLEMENT to the holiday favorite Santa’s Soldiers RPG gives game masters a profile and stats for the Krampus character, as well as a six-part mission seed.  Jazz up your holiday game sessions with A Very Krampus Christmas!


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