Santa’s Soldiers 3rd Edition!

At long last! The funniest game about paramilitary Christmas elves – EVER – is back in a third edition!

Equally inspired by the stop-motion animated Rankin-Bass holiday specials and Rambo, the game of “Christmas cheer, goodwill toward men, and very large guns”, Santa’s Soldiers has players create adorable North Pole elves dedicated to protecting the vital interests of the jolly fat man himself, through special training, and a dazzling array of Christmas-themed weapons and gadgetry.

Join the Order of St. Nicholas (OSN) and protect your holiday from the depredations of competing holiday factions like the Boogieman, Easter Bunny and Anti-Claus, as well as the Army of St. Valentine, the St. Patrick’s Day Mob, and many others. This new edition of Bill K’tepi’s original RPG features 174 pages of all-new full-color art, an updated XPG rule set, new holiday factions, enemies and allies, new hardware, and new adventures (as well as collecting the 1st and 2nd edition adventures and revamping them for 3rd edition).

The electronic version features a screen-sexy PDF for tablets and laptops, a printer-friendly version without the page backgrounds, and separate character and vehicle sheets for convenient printing. Also available in a gorgeous hardcover edition – which includes the electronic edition FREE!

So grab your colorful ball grenades and your candy cane stiletto, and save Christmas… by any means necessary!

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