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ISBN: 979-8-9861181-6-1

Mature content

The revolution will be streamcast.

San Francisco, 2065.

In the cold, uncaring shadow of a crowded city, the forgotten claw out a meager existence. Hope isn’t a luxury they can afford. When a new drug floods the streets, some local vigilantes find themselves caught between protecting the innocent and the blind greed of corporations seeking total control.

Using their wits, grit, and a brotherly bond, a social crusader with chemically-altered DNA, an ex-cop with a conscience, and a scrappy mechanic assemble a rag-tag team of specialists from across the social spectrum and the globe.

Now this band of outcasts, misfits and freaks must trust the patronage of a powerful CEO to uncover the dark underbelly of a world where doing the right thing will get you killed, and greed is god.

From Todd Downing, author of Calico Kids and the Airship Daedalus series, SAKURU is an epic manga-influenced cyberpunk street opera where future tech and dystopian society meet the eternal struggle of community, family, and humanity.

Note: Sakuru was originally written in 1992 and is only now seeing publication for the first time.