The 1PG line is ideal for players and referees who don’t have the luxury of many hours to devote to creating intricate scenarios and/or learning complex roleplaying systems.  Each 1PG is based on a movie or television genre and follows the tropes of its particular genre.  They’re downloadable and printable, the rules fit on the character sheet, and character generation takes about 5 to 10 minutes.  Finally, each title contains its own page of referee tips, a master weapons/gear list, and six ready-to-play scenarios.

The 1PG Compendium is available in a printed bookshelf edition which includes all 17 core settings, plus every Deep7-published expansion and freebie, all in one hefty volume! We recommend the beautiful hardcover from DriveThruRPG, which is the same price as the softcover from Amazon.

Agent S.E.V.E.N.

Thrilling adventure and high-adrenaline action in this secret agent 1PG. Your mission, Agent S.E.V.E.N., is intrigue.

Battleforce Bravo

Whether you’re taking hill 429 in the Pacific or blasting Luftwaffe from the skies over Europe, whether you’re a groundpounder, sailor or flyboy, you are BATTLEFORCE BRAVO!

Bloode Island

Have treasure map, will travel. Set sail for high seas, swashbuckling adventure in the greatest Errol Flynn/Tyrone Power tradition. Boarding actions, broadsides, steamy jungle swamps & a king’s ransom in treasure await!


The 1PG line gets the sword & sorcery treatment with this beer & pretzels fantasy game from Jeff Mejia and James Stubbs. Following the tropes of cheesy barbarian movies of the 1970s and 1980s, Broadsword is the most burly and robust 1PG yet!


Become an animated invertibrate in this tiny game of big adventures, in the vein of Antz, A Bug’s Life, The Ant Bully, Bee Movie and vintage animated shorts! A very different 1PG from originator Todd Downing, with new adventures by Colin Fisk.


Historical samurai epics leap from the screen with a bloodcurdling kiai in this 1PG from the creators of Into the Shadows and Cartoon Action Hour. Fast-paced sword-slinging action in the great Kurosawa/Mifune tradition!

Dime Heroes

The pulp serial of the ’30s in an RPG! Become the two-fisted hero, the beautiful ingenue, or the wild eyed mad scientist in this vintage style game of heroism, romance and intrigue!


When the tornado touches down, when the tidal wave strikes, when the plane plummets from the sky, there’s only one thing you can do —  die with style and maybe even save the day! Blazing infernos, celebrity cameos and slimy lowball government contractors galore! Look out — this one is a DISASTER!

Exosuit A-OK

Don your robot armor and defend Megacity Alpha in the 1PG of sci-fi anime adventure! High octane fun and action in the vein of Bubblegum Crisis, Guyver, Lensman, Dominion Tank Police, Robotech & Appleseed. By James Stubbs and Todd Downing, with Jeff Boman and Eddy Webb.

Full Clip

Blast into this supercharged 1PG! Both barrels will be blazing when you gun your way through all 6 scenarios packed into this game of Hong Kong action cinema!

Hero Force

From the cheesy depths of comics’ silver age comes the most powerful 1PG ever! Hero Force has everything you need to start a four-color adventure in the vein of comic books past! By Mark Bruno, with contributions from James Stubbs, and 1PG creator Todd Downing.

H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds

They came from beyond our imagination with only one purpose: the enslavement of humanity. England reels under the onslaught as civilization itself teeters on the brink of extinction. Do your players have what it takes to survive the Martian invasion of Earth? A 1PG of classic literary adventure!


Idyll, Romantic Fantasy is the first release from Heyoka Studios using the 1PG game system under license from Deep7. Loosen your blades and bodices in this exciting game that emulates romantic fantasy fiction popularized by authors such as Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey and Tanith Lee. 

Pax Gladius

Take over the world in this 1PG of sword & sandals historical epics! Includes rules for chariot races and gladiatorial combat, so you can recreate those fine moments from Ben Hur, Spartacus, Rome, and Gladiator! By Andrew Kenrick & James Stubbs.


The original 1PG! What happens when a handful of high school friends accidentally ressurect the entire population of the local graveyard? Get ready for thrills, chills and teenage angst as characters flee shambling zombies, garden- implement-wielding maniacs and too-hip vampires.

Six Gun

Pure Western, in the vein of the classic and spaghetti epics. Just swaggerin’, spittin’, gamblin’, ridin’, ropin’ & shootin’. The way a Western RPG should be.

Star Legion

Shipping out in two hours to drop dirtside and do the plasma dance with some bugs? Evil Galactic Overlord oppressing your smuggling operation? Assigned to infiltrate and destroy a top-secret enemy military base and don’t have a thing to wear? Aliens using your buddies as incubators? Sounds like you need to join the STAR LEGION!