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Welcome to Gamemaster Dan’s Dispatch, a GM/player blog. Here I will share stories from running and playing Deep7 Press games. Who am I? My name is Dan. Nice to meet you. I met Todd Downing, co-founder of Deep7 Press and creator or many of its games and books, way back in 2007. We are of a similar age, similar backgrounds, share similar interests, and we were friends right away. We have worked together on music videos, web series, feature scripts, television pitches and other creative outlets. With the release of the Airship Daedalus roleplaying game, I have been editing the RPG titles as the Deep7 team creates them. (If you see a mistake in the book, know that it is not my fault because but sometimes chaos mages come in after the fact and mess everything up.)

I started playing RPGs back in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons days. I dropped out of the scene in the ’90s and ’00s mostly because I didn’t have a lot of friends who played roleplaying games (also I was playing wayyyyyy too much Starcraft and Diablo). Then Todd dropped a copy of Arrowflight (2nd Ed.) in my lap and I was hooked all over again. Currently I am playing in a long running Airship Daedalus campaign run by Todd using the AEGIS Interplanetary Guidebook expansion (the Elder Martians damn near killed me, but now we have reached Planet X!). I have also recently started running a game of Arrowflight for a group of mixed experience role players – including Todd. You know… the guy who created the game. Sooooo….. no pressure (gulp). I will write about both experiences and any others that come along (like maybe a Santa’s Soldiers Christmas Special?). I will focus on why we made certain choices, what worked, what didn’t, and any tips and tricks I learned along the way.

The hope is this will be fun to read and spark ideas for your own sessions with Deep7 games. So please join the conversation. Let us know about some of your sessions as a player and as a GM. Have some cool ideas you want to pass along? Want to brag about the totally killer scenario you developed or the amazing feat that prevented a total party kill? Share them here and let’s geek out together.

Oh and a quick P.S. in regards to timing of the posts. I will post after game sessions but seeing as the games are being played by adults with jobs and families and obligations we cannot always get together frequently. There will be an initial burst of posts as I get you up to speed on the Arrowflight campaign and then taper off as we catch up with the sessions. Be patient with us. Cheers.

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