Freebie Friday!

Hey fans! We are starting a new feature here – Freebie Friday. Every other Friday there will be new free content for you to download – NPCs, stats, maps, images, story seeds – all sorts of stuff you can take and use in your own games. First up is an NPC – or heck use him as a player character if you would like – named Gronk.

Gronk is an orc, ex-soldier turned priest of Rellian. Sick of war, he found comfort in the message of peace from the great Prophet. But this is a flawed world and not everyone is ready to hear the message of peace. Some, like slavers or cultists, will never be ready and must be struck down. He is a fervent member of the Order of Rai within the church. While he is sick of fighting he is not above bashing the truly fallen with his mace or blasting them with Rai’s Cleansing Fire.

Gronk is older and his dexterity has suffered for it. His is missing an eye and has a large scar in it’s place. He wears heavy armor on his chest and arms and lighter armor on his legs. He is fanatical about the Order of Rai, intolerant of slavers and always optimistic no matter the situation.

Download the character sheet right here – Gronk 

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