Freebie Friday – New NPC!

Good morning! We have a new NPC for your Arrowflight games today. This gentleman is  a spoken word bard and merchant. He has high social, performance, con and bargain skills. Originally from the city of Marigor in Corvel, he has traveled all over the Nordia continent and speaks passable Akrindor, Eastern, Handspseak and Ancient. He is okay with a blade and  prefers the dash of the Swashbuckling fighting style with a few throwing knives for good measure. He has the behavior tags of Optimism (almost always has a smile on his face when drawing in a crowd) and Center of Attention (and what bard doesn’t?).

Reciting the story of Peter, the Spider-Man

He travels the continent telling stories of ordinary people who gain extraordinary power and then fight for the weak and oppressed. His stories are not always happy and the heroes often struggle to do the right thing. But in the end, no matter the cost, they stand for what is right and good.

His stories are incredibly popular and he crafts wooden toys based on them. Ur’s mighty hammer, Captain Styv’s magic shield and a puppet of Grimm, the ogre with a heart of gold are his best sellers.

Some say he stole his stories from other bards and that he only uses them to make money selling his toys. He says that the stories are true, you just have to truly believe. Whether or not his detractors are right, there is no denying that he is the one who made the stories popular and keeps them alive in hearts and minds. So as long as he draws breath, he will keep telling them.

We hope you enjoy playing Stanley of Marigor, our tribute to a complicated man with an outsized impact on story telling in the real world. Excelsior! Stanley of Marigor

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