The old Deep7 website used to host a collection of free scenarios and expansions for various titles, but for the past seven or eight years, this material has only been available via the 1PG Yahoogroup.  Now we’re bringing them back!

Here Come the Monsters!

The 1PG of giant mutant monsters.  Download PDF


Kung Fu Dice

A fast & furious dice game of crazy wuxia martial arts!  Download PDF


Bloode Island

Island Mojo – Voodoo expansion by John Sullivan.  Download PDF

Shanghai’d – free adventure scenario by Colin Fisk.  Download PDF


Dime Heroes

The Dame Was Loaded – free adventure scenario by Mark Bruno. Download PDF



Yep, even under the best of circumstances, a product will go out with some errors.  We pride ourselves that a) they’re usually pretty minimal, and b) don’t impact the rules or actual gameplay.

Airship Daedalus (as of 3/04/16)

  1. Page 4 – typo: “bthe” should read “the”
  2. Page 26 – Skull Island – should read “American producer Carl Denham recently embarked on shooting…”
  3. Page 45 mistakenly uses the same illustration from page 84
  4. Page 59 – typo: “inproprieties” should read “improprieties”
  5. Page 85 – typo: should read “depending on how good your skills are”
  6. Page 86 – Driving the Story – simple hyphen should be a full em dash
  7. Page 87 – Maintaining the Illusion – “that’s 2 successes” should read: “that’s a margin of 2”

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  1. Hi Deep7,

    any chance you can make the RADZ world map and character sheet available as a download? Also, my version of the RADZ PDF seems to have some missing characters, is there a fix to this?



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