Arrowflight Third Edition!

Celebrating 20 years of Arrowflight!
Arrowflight™ Third Edition epic fantasy roleplaying game contains everything you need to create a fantastic character to guide through adventure, exploration and political intrigue in a vast world of wonder and peril.

Third Edition Includes:

• 14 player species
• Virtually unlimited occupations (with 32 quick-start occupation templates)
• Complete world overview
• Streamlined, updated XPG 3.0 ruleset
• Open-ended magic & divinity
• Customizable spell effects – including Enchantment, Runecraft, Steamcraft & Clockwork
• 18 martial arts
• Bestiary of over 100 creatures
• Point-based character creation
• Skill-based advancement
• GM section & scenario generator

Compatible with Second Edition supplements!

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