AEGIS Tales 2

Eight authors. Ten stories. Round Two.

The AEGISverse just grew even more.

Based on the setting and characters of Airship Daedalus, A.E.G.I.S. Tales collects exciting new works of fiction written in the style of the pulps from the 1920s & ‘30s.

Thrill to the adventures of resurrected soldier Joe Desmond—aka The Seer, tech-spy Felix Fogarty, race car driving sleuth Lili LaRue, native waitress-turned-shaman Walks with Bones, rail-riding hobo Henry Kinkle, demon-summoning cop Sid Cooper, The Gunshade—ghostly scourge of the underworld, ex-rocketeer Alyssa Swanson, psychic detective David Li, and dinosaur hunter Loana!

Enjoy tales of supernatural horror and whimsy, hard-boiled mystery, super-science, lost-world intrigue, and two-fisted heroic adventure in this anthology of spine-tingling retro pulp fiction!

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