Airship Daedalus – A Shield Against the Darkness!


The thrilling origin of the Daedalus and her crew comes to life in Todd Downing’s exciting prequel to E.J. Blaine’s astounding Assassins of the Lost Kingdom!

A Shield Against the Darkness follows ace pilot “Captain Stratosphere” Jack McGraw and occult expert Dorothy “Doc” Starr on their first adventures aboard the experimental airship Daedalus. With crewmembers Edward “Duke” Willis, Carl “Rivets” Holloway, and Charlie “Deadeye” Dalton, our heroes encounter sky pirates, Haitian voodoo, terrifying creatures of the deep, an Amazon tree-city, rocket zombies, and an ancient temple where Aleister Crowley attempts to open a dimensional portal and summon a bloodthirsty demon to let loose upon the world! What’s more, Crowley’s nefarious organization has agents seemingly everywhere!

Join the Daedalus crew, the reclusive Thomas Edison, stoic German airship captain Jonas Ecke, “She-Wolf of the Astrum Argentum” Maria Blutig, the mysterious voodoo priest Oba, French “antiquities dealer” Louis Lambeau, and powerful Queen Alanna of the Amazon Tree People in a rollicking thrill ride that Serpent’s Sacrifice author Trish Heinrich calls “…a good adventure story with all the best elements of classic pulp, along with dashing heroes, women with agency, a little romance, and a whole lot of suspense…”

A Shield Against the Darkness (Airship Daedalus Book 0) by AEGISverse creator Todd Downing, available on Kindle/epub, and in print!

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