Originally published in late 2001, Arrowflight has a development history of more than thirty years.  A premium roleplaying game of epic fantasy, Arrowflight combines original elements with familiar fantasy tropes in a unique setting of political intrigue, warfare, magic, exploration, romance and adventure.  How will you answer Destiny’s call?

“Deep7’s Arrowflight is truly worthy of sharing the crowded shelves with its peers. What with its rich setting and streamlined mechanics, Arrowflight is sure to make a name for itself as a premier fantasy RPG. [four stars]” – Gaming Report

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Arrowflight Second Edition

The long-awaited 2010 update of the original, this edition of the Arrowflight core rulebook consolidates content from several first edition supplements, and presents a broader world overview.  Contains all the info needed to play!  Available in fully bookmarked PDF and both hardcover and softcover printed versions.

By Todd & Gavin Downing

• 11 player races
• Virtually unlimited occupations
• Complete world overview
• Expanded regional information and world map
• Streamlined, integrated XPG ruleset (as seen in Red Dwarf – The Roleplaying Game, Mean Streets, RADZ, Santa’s Soldiers and Bloode Island XPG)
• Open-ended magic & divinity
• Customizable spell effects
• 12 magic theories (including Enchantment & Runecraft)
• 19 martial arts
• Bestiary of over 100 creatures
• Point-based character creation
• Skill-based advancement
• Simple, cinematic combat

ISBN: 978-1453787588

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Northern Empires: A World Resource for Arrowflight

Northern Empires is the first in a series of world resources for Arrowflight Second Editon.  Venture from the empire of Corvel in the West to the arid steppes of Akrindor, from the elegant Eastern kingdom of Bachra to the icy mountain stronghold of Tolak, from the walled nation of beast-men called Harkilon to the maritime power of Kharhoun.  Ancient cultures. Exotic locales. Yours to discover.  SECOND PRINTING, 2016.

By Todd Downing, Gavin Downing, Andrew Kenrick & Robert Black

ISBN: 978-1533607737

Mystic East: A World Resource for Arrowflight

Mystic East is the second in a series of world resources for Arrowflight Second Editon.  A new realm of discovery and adventure await you in the far eastern corner of the world – a realm of mystery, magic and martial arts, of bizarre creatures and strange technology.  An empire on the threshold of transformation as contact is made with the outside world.

By Chris Schetzle, Jeffrey Cook, Gavin Downing & Todd Downing

ISBN: 978-1478315940

Lands of Enchantment: A World Resource for Arrowflight

Lands of Enchantment is the third in a series of world resources for Arrowflight Second Editon.  On the Eastern Edge of Nia lies a vast land of magic and upheaval.  An ancient, reclusive elf nation guards against all outside contact with giant war machines of wood and bronze, while a continent in permanent flux is torn asunder by city states, monster tribes and young nations.

By Gavin Downing, Todd Downing & Jeffrey Cook

ISBN: 978-151730540

Lands of Enchantment: Deainslund

A free kingdom profile for use with the Lands of Enchantment sourcebook.

By Michelle Downing

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Realms of Death: A World Resource for Arrowflight

Realms of Death is the fourth in a series of world resources for Arrowflight Second Editon. 

Across the Southern Ocean lies a vast, ancient land full of mysterious cultures and untold danger. Foreign sailors call this place “The Dark Lands”. The indigenous peoples call it “Fetak’Da’al. Countless unwary travelers have called it their grave. Off its eastern shore lies Dara Tova, seat of power for a once-mighty montaka empire, and potential gateway to the underworld.

By Gavin Downing, Todd Downing, Jeffrey Cook & Robert Black

ISBN: 978-1-7349293-1-7