25 Years of the 1PG

Back in 1999, Deep7 Press (then known simply as Deep7) began operations with a rules-lite, downloadable line of “beer & pretzels” roleplaying games. The rules were simple enough to fit on a single page, hence 1PG, a blend of... Read More →


By Todd Downing The revolution will be streamcast. San Francisco, 2065. In the cold, uncaring shadow of a crowded... Read More →

AEGIS Tales 2

Eight authors. Ten stories. Round Two. The AEGISverse just grew even more. Based on the setting and characters of... Read More →

Under the Surface!

Under the Surface Lost worlds of prehistoric wonder…Ancient civilizations sunk beneath the waves…Mythical islands… and tombs of untold horror.All... Read More →

Grimmworld is here!

Grimmworld is a roleplaying setting of dark fantasy and Gothic intrigue set against the backdrop of the Georgian/Regency period... Read More →

The Arctic Menace!

Available Now!Amazon (US) | (CA) | (UK) | (IN) | (AU)KoboSmashwordsDriveThruFiction A fierce battle at the top of the... Read More →


In April 1999, three friends started Deep7 Press, a publishing company dedicated to bringing quality content to the then-new... Read More →